GFC - Global Fashion Conference is deeply committed to the promotion of a sustainable model of development.

GFC has a goal: to be a Zero Carbon Conference by 2030.

ONLINE | 17 - 18 NOVEMBER 2022

In this conference, we welcome everyone engaged in the study and analysis of the fashion phenomenon - not only researchers from the academic world but, also innovative organisations and companies that work within the fashion system.

People and Planet need Sustainable Fashion. Sustainability needs Innovation, GFC is built on the concept of a sectoral innovation system. The plurisciplinary approach of the conference embrace the components of the system: Politics, International and National Law, Businesses and entrepreneurial iniatitives,

with a strong focus on R&D and New Technologies, Financial Systems and Education.

From 2008 to 2018 GFC was held on a biannual basis partnering with a University that conducts research in fashion studies. From 2020 the conference is held every year.

GFC is committed to developing all efforts in the diffusion of the work presented and that demonstrates a consistent scientific basis subject to peer review.

The 2022 edition of GFC is organised in collaboration with AMD - Akademie Mode & Design - Hochschule Fresenius - University of Applied Sciences. The AMD Akademie Mode & Design offers internationally certified training programs in fashion, design, media, communication and management. Promoting and supporting creative as well as business-oriented youth remains an essential strategic focus of the AMD Akademie Mode & Design for over 30 years of its dedicated educational activities. To enable students to create solutions for future sustainable design and fashion to become change makers for the creative industry.

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